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As an increasingly ageing population, we need to look after our bodies more than ever to enable us to live better for longer. Resistance training hasn't been top of many peoples agenda, with many not understanding the benefits. This is resulting in large numbers of diagnosed osteoporosis (loss of bone) and sarcopenia (loss of muscle) in our populations later years of life but scarily this is getting younger too.

Let's take a deeper look into the science...


Strong bones are the foundation of being a healthy human. After age 30, bone density begins to decrease slowly as we age and decreases quicker once we get to our 60s. Osteoporosis (bone loss) is the cause of 9 million bone fractures reported worldwide. Bone loss can be slowed and reversed through the use of high load, resistance exercise. The Balkan offers everyone an opportunity to train effectively, efficiently and safely whilst reversing or delaying the effects of ageing on their bone health.


Beginning at age 25, the average person can begin to lose up to 0.5 pounds of lean muscle every year if they are not exercising and eating sufficiently. This decrease in muscle can turn into what is called “sarcopenia,” or when you lose enough muscle mass because your body has not encountered a reason (ie. strenous exercise or activity) to continuing making it. Muscles play a major role in controlling hormones and if we do not stimulate them with the right level of exercise, there are a host of negative effects that will occur when muscle loss becomes significant. 

Senior Couple


FACT: Up to one in three (3.4m) over 65s suffer a fall each year, costing the NHS an estimated £4.6 million a day, according to new research out today (Monday 21st June) from Age UK, the new force combining Age Concern and Help the Aged.


There is a correlation between falls and decreased muscle mass and bone density.  A lack of strength training leads to a decrease in muscle mass and bone density, which can then increase the likelihood of falls, and long-term damage to the body.


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