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the balkan FOR YOUR HOME



The Balkan is a compact machine offering multiple different body movements in one place. Combing all those core compound gym movements into one computerised system! 

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Due to The Balkan's versatility and it's ability to customise every workout, the Balkan can be used by the whole family (if above the age of 18). 

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Workouts on the Balkan last between 15-30 minutes, way less than a normal gym workout, whilst still providing you with a challenging full body session that will increase strength gains exponentially.

Image by Greg Rosenke

be your own pt!

The Balkan's simple to use programming allows you to train hard and without the need for a Personal Trainer or spotter. You can challenge yourself to your max without the need for outside motivation

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The Balkan offers optimised and accurate data collection from each session, allowing you to track progress. Visual feedback is presented during the workout too to motivate you. 

Pelvic X-Ray

a health investment

We all know circumstances in life change, we get older, unfit, injured, sick and busy. The Balkan can help you through all these stages, getting you back to full strength. The flexibility of the exercises available and the settings included, allows totally bespoke workouts to suit any occasion.

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