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Perfect for anyone that lacks time to spend hours in the gym, wants to maximise potential improvements, and decrease chances of injuries from lifting heavy weights traditionally. 


We believe as part of an overall healthy and active lifestyle, the Balkan can provide the answers for those looking to reverse ageing processes on the body, rehabilitate and increase mental and physical wellbeing in the minimal time required (oh but it won't be easy)!

Who is the balkan for?

AGEING & Longevity

As we age, our bone density and muscular strength deteriorates leaving us more likely to suffer from injuries, falls and loss of balance. The Balkan is safe for all ages and abilities can help slow down and reverse the processes of ageing.

Senior Couple


Athletes require optimal fitness in order to acheive their best results individually or as a team. The Balkan trains our muscles eccentrically, concentrically and isometrically giving athletes an optimal, efficient workout that will be sure to make positive differences in their professional or amateur sporting careers. 


Unfortunately, 1 in 2 women will get osteopenia or osteoporosis in their lifetime vs 1 in 4 men due to lack of weight training in their lifestyles. This can be due to the associated stigma that weight training 'makes you bulky'. Science has proven this to not be the case and exercise such as The Balkan allows you to get all the benefits of weight training without the large hypertrophy. It is extremely important for women to resistance train in order to delay and even reverse these occurances. 

Confident Woman
A business meeting


Within our current lifestyles, we are busier than ever. For a lot of people, getting the time to go to the gym, go to a class, or even go for a jog is limited. Companies have the opportunity to optimise the health and longevity of their staff by giving back time, without losing out on extremely important health and wellbeing benefits. The Balkan allows you to train to your max in just 15-30 minutes, once a week, providing the perfect exercise for workforces. 


Whether you are recovering from surgery or getting ready for a surgery, The Balkan can help. Within a controlled and extremely safe enviroment, we can focus on the areas necessary for rehabilitation and prehabilitation programmes. 

Physical Therapy Session


Anxiety and depression are more prevalent than ever, and science suggests exercising can positively impact our mental wellbeing. Studies have also shown the incredible ways in which exercise can help with reducing our chances of developing dementia and Alzeimers. 

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