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Athletes work really hard to stay fit, active and healthy and for many, their job depends on it! Many athletes spend hours in their weeks training to be the best they can be. The Balkan offers individual athletes and teams a way to stay fit, strong and healthy without the need for hours and days spent away from family and in the gym.



Whilst many athletes will be used to exercise routines, strength training and cardiovascular health, The Balkan offers a more efficient and less wasteful workout, guaranteed to build muscle and bone density whilst in turn helping with cardiovascular fitness too. The Balkan trains you correctly without an option for skipping muscle groups, only training concentrically or not working to your max.



Resistance exercise and the impact on hormone levels is not a widely discussed topic, but it should be! Resistance exercise directly stimulates your muscles which are major regulators of your endocrine (hormonal) system. Hormones are our messengers that travel through the body and regulate actions such as growth, metabolism, fertility, and resilience to stress. When resistance exercise is performed, large amounts of hormones get released like testosterone and growth hormone which help to regulate the body and keep it healthy and fit.



Training and improving the cardiovascular system is a staple of any effective exercise routine. People think they need to spend hours a week on the treadmill or crosstrainer, sweating prefusely and counting calories burn, but is this the only way to improve the cardiovascular system? Absolutely not and The Balkan has been demonstrated to maximally load our muscles and the cardiovascular system, leading to significant increases in its total capacity (VO2 Max).



According to the National Safety Council 526,000 injuries have been reported to be sustained by athletes when using traditional weight training equiptment. Often caused by poor form, overtraining or poor rehabilitation.


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