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Sometimes no matter  how hard we try to remain fit and healthy, we can injure ourselves and find ourselves needing an operation or a lengthy rehabilitation process. When preparing for an operation or recovering from one, we need our bodies to be in the best condition we can to aid our recovery. We need to have strength and stamina throughout the rest of our bodies to ensure we can do daily activities, progress in rehabilitation and give us the best fighting chance to have a successful surgery and rehabilitation process. 

The Balkan is a safe and controlled enviroment where you can train whole body movements, allowing you to train around injured areas and still gain strength. Following surgery, it also can be used as a safe tool to begin working on building strength in the injury site once you have been signed off by a doctor or surgeon. 

Chiropractic Treatment


It has been long known that following a strict rehabilitation plan aids in recovery post inury but prehabilitation is also just as key. 
Topp et al. investigated the effectiveness of therapeutic exercise preoperatively in patients awaiting knee reconstriction. They found that after 3 months the functional performance level and strength of the people in the preoperative exercise group was better restored than in the control group. 

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